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How to Distinguish Various Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum tubes refer to glass tubes from which glass has been removed. Inside the tube, several electrodes are essential in the current flow of electricity. Vacuum tubes are used in different appliances including radios, telephones, televisions, and computers. Vacuum tubes have constantly led to its decrease due to technology changes that are occurring in the world that has led to smaller computers being available in the market-leading to a reduction of vacuum tubes. Due to the size of the vacuum tubes, they are majorly used today in equipment that needs high-end audios. Discussed below are ways of distinguishing different cheap tube amp.

This is a special tube that is used to tune the television. This vacuum tube is used in places where low volume is required as it is made in a way that the noise produced is low.

5751 is mostly used in equipment like a guitar as it has a low voltage and low noise too. It is ideal for maintaining the tone and shaping it giving one the ability to control themselves. 12AX7 is another tube that is popular in guitars as it transforms the tones and gives more clarity to the tone. 6SL7 can be used in place of vacuum tube 12AX7. As much as they can be used in place of 12AX7, 6SL7 has a note that is higher than the rest. Learn how to identify vacuum tubes today!

These particular vacuum tubes are characterized by the fact that it uses high power and cannot be distorted making it good for hi-fi amps systems. Due to its capacity of holding high power, its own in this particular grouping and can withstand high voltage. 6L6 has gained popularity compared to others because of the sound that it produces which is rock sound. Look for more facts about amps at

6V6 is a form of 6L6 but in a reduced form and has been used for a long time. This type of tube has quite a low volume making it to be mostly used in preamps. EL34 is another type that works better at lower power and used in marshal amps.

EL84has a great volume and good for blues and rocks. When overworked, it produces great work than ET34 and it has been improved to date. Because of 6550’s nature of being versatile, it has been accepted and commonly used for both guitars and stereo amps in most of the equipment.

There are different types of Vacuum tubes that are available that need to be selected best according to the outcome that is needed. It is advisable to select the best vacuum tube that will serve the best purpose.

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